The Hindus of Sindh are frightened and are trying their best to survive on a day-to-day basis. Many Hindus even try to hide their identity in their day-to-day dealings with other communities.

They are especially frightened for their wives, daughters and sisters.

The community is very slowly being extinguished out of existence.

They lack the support of  a formal organization or institution which can speak for them, think strategically as well as tactically, and fight for their rights.

They lack an entity that can mobilize resources to help the poor ride through a period of economic distress (such as the recent drought in Tharparkar) or assist families with monies to hire credible lawyers to rescue their daughters and sisters out of the clutches of predators.

Nevertheless there are brave hearts out there who are fighting for justice, either on their own or in small clusters. 

It is also worthy to highlight that there are Sindhi Muslims standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their Hindu brethren in this fight for dignity and survival. They feel the pain of their Hindu brothers and sisters, and are doing their best to help.

In the words of a Sindhi Hindu who is at the forefront of this fight for justice, "if this institutionalized mindset and practice continues, not a single Hindu will be left in our Motherland (Sindh) after 2050...we will either have migrated or be converted or killed."

In the writer's opinion, conversion is the biggest threat to the Hindu way of life in Sindh. Many will convert simply because the strains of surviving as a Hindu will be unbearable and they will succumb to conversion so that they can move on with mainstream life.

Therefore, steps need to be taken NOW to protect Hindus from being extinguished on the very native soil of their forefathers.

Therefore the Hindus need to be organized into a single voice.

To achieve this, they need the professional help of Sindhis and Hindus as well as well-wishers from around the world.

The Sindhi Hindu Diaspora is globally widespread and large. Many are affluent. It has the financial resources and skill sets to save their hapless Hindu brethren in Sindh.

The writer of the Report would humbly like to suggest initial action steps we, the Sindhi Diaspora can take, to protect the Hindus of Sindh. Please see list below. Note: the list is only a starting point for discussion and is not exhaustive. We need your thoughts and ideas.

1. Set up a full-time, professionally-managed  welfare-association-cum-watchdog
    in Pakistan whose key tasks are the following

i.  Monitor all cases of abduction and create an online database of all past and new abductions

ii. Provide professional advice and counselling to victims and families

iii. Act as a pressure group on the Government of Pakistan and Sindh Provincial Government

iv. Alert and activate local and international media as well as human rights' activistsand foreign governments if State fails to act firmly to protect the victim and sternly punish the wrong-doer

v. Educate local Hindu community of the dangers of caste and launch campaigns promoting the benefits of being part of a caste-free community

vi. Organize and finance relief and rehabilitation of Hindus struck by natural disasters

vii. Provide youth (especially girls) with education, with goal of eliminating illiteracy

viii. Provide youth with practical vocational skills

ix. Help poor families hire dedicated and capable lawyers

x. Raise funds from the Hindu community within Pakistan to finance above activity


2. Set up a full-time international body whose key tasks are:

i. Recruit best skills available within the Indian Diaspora (especially Sindhis) who can assist the Pakistan-based agency-cum-watchdog  by providing advisory and technical skills (lawyers,journalists, social media  experts, bloggers, lobbyists,  accountants, auditors, teachers, etc.)

ii. To raise funds across the Diaspora for the benefit of Hindus in Sindh

The above list might appear idealistic and demanding. But the truth is Hindu (mainly Sindhi) girls are being CONTINUALLY abducted, raped, forcibly converted, etc.

It is up to the Sindhis worldwide as an ethnic community to be at the forefront in this fight for justice. If the Sindhis stand up, the rest of the world will join them.

Is it right if overseas Hindus and Sindhis, step back and say, "It's not my problem!" ?

Do we sit back and smile while our women are being taken away, raped and forcibly converted?

We mean no ill-will towards Pakistan and the Muslims of Pakistan. On the contrary, we wish Pakistan success in all righteous endeavours.

But, the truth is, one of the ways Islam had spread through north India across the centuries was through intimidation and harassment.

In the same breath, we acknowledge Islam has also spread through peaceful methods. We acknowledge Islam has contributed richly to the subcontinent's intellectual wealth and diversity.

It is up to Sindhis and Hindus around the world to decide NOW that the Sindhi people will NO LONGER ALLOW any religious or ethnic community to hurt them and threaten their way of life.

Your contact for more information on the plight of Hindus in Pakistan is
([email protected] )

A Note about the Author of this Report:
There have been a continual series of attacks on individuals and groups in Pakistan who are deemed "opposed" to the fanatical views of the extremists. The author, therefore, thinks it is in his and the community's interest not to reveal his identity at the moment. He is Sindhi, an ex-journalist, and is married to a non-Hindu lady. He wishes to be around for as long as God permits, so that he can continue protecting Hindu girls in Sindh.

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